Hello all,

In this tutorial, we will step by step explain how to setup IPTV on MYTV Online app in Formuler z box.

1> First of all, Open MYTV Online

2> Edit Service >> Click Edit
Important: Be sure you register with your right MAC Address which should look like 00:1A:79:xx:xx:xx. It’s possible that it would be called ID instead of MAC in some devices.

3> Enter Service Nickname (Example: KING TV or Anything)

4> Enter IPTV Mag URL you received in your order confirmation email which looks like: http://example.link/c/

If you have not purchased your subscription yet, then please CLICK HERE to order.

5> Finally, click OK

6> Furthermore, you will see something similar to (Connecting to IPTV Server MAG in progress.)

7> Once it says, Successful Connection! You will receive all channels associated with your account.

8> Now Everything is ready and you can start watching Live TV.