Do you know that more than 50 millions people in the world are using IPTV services? Start your own IPTV business now and make more than $10,000 per month. You only need your own IPTV panel to start, where you can generate lines for users. You can also generate enigma script for any IPTV box which uses enigma like DreamBox, VU+, etc from your IPTV panel.

You will get your own admin panel and full control over all your clients and lines. You will be able to create free trials also.


When you become our reseller, you will buy credits to load your reseller panel.
Reseller starter pack amount is $250 and you get 250 credits in your panel.

 REMEMBER: $1 = 1 Credit

We provide more credits (bonus) if you add credits more than $500.

Trial 1 day = 0.01 credit
1 month Line = 5 credits
3 months Line = 12 credits
6 months Line = 22 credits
12 months Line = 35 credits

Extra Connections = Half Price